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What others are saying:

The invasion of Ukraine changed our world as our teammates fled their homes and then went to work providing humanitarian aid to other refugees.

There has been so much heartbreak.

I serve our missionary kids, but do not have specific training in trauma care. I was in desperate need of some resources to offer these precious kids, and other Ukrainian refugees, who were coming through our hubs.

I reached out to other experts and did research online. I spent time with the kids, playing processing games and creating an environment where they could feel safe and heard, but my resources were scattered and disjointed.

I was so grateful for Jen’s specific, practical advice and resources for walking with kids in the midst of crisis and trauma.

Jen packed a lot of amazing resources and wisdom into a short amount of time on Zoom. She gave me lots of activities I could do with them, and helped me understand the meaning and impact of those kinds of activities. She was succinct and specific, and also kind and generous.

Jen helped me feel more empowered and equipped for serving kids through art.

It was a gift to me when I, myself, was under a lot of stress. Thank you Jen.

Claire Patty

Missionary in the Czech Republic

Jen is a great listener and helps me think about things in a positive way or differently. I leave our sessions feeling refreshed and empowered.


Jennifer is a great counselor. She is very responsive. She has suggestions for every issue I bring to her.


Ms. Alward is an amazing counselor! She cares for every concern & problem I have and helps me find ways to go through things with a better attitude!


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