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A Refocused Advent 2022!

Learn how you can tap into the healing power of art for yourself and those you work with.

Healing and transformation can be difficult work, but here at Hope and Healing at Home we offer a gentler way. A way that engages your intuition in a creative playfulness. It allows you to go at your own pace, from the safety of your own home and find encouragement and freedom on your darkest days. Discover your anxiety, depression, fear, stress, grief and pain shifting as you gain new insights and courage.

  • Curate a list of supplies that would be best to offer your clients.

  • Design specific art therapy prompts, or activities, for your business and clients.

  • Develop a series of questions to help uncover healing insights and nurture hope for their journey ahead.


Harness the Healing Power of Art for your clients.

In these 1 hour sessions we will discuss the struggles and dilemmas facing your clients. We will identify the ways art can help them find hope and healing and design ways that you can best offer that to them.

What are the road blocks?

What are your concerns?

What are your goals?

What are your strengths?

How can art build the bridge?

This is where we get practical for you, the work you do, the space you work in and the goals you have with your clients.

  • Curate a list of supplies that would be best to offer them.
  • Design specific art therapy prompts/activities for them.
  • Develop a series of questions to help uncover healing insights and nurture hope for their journey ahead.


Experience the Healing Power of Art for yourself.

During these 1 hour sessions we focus on your life's story. Clarifying your purpose and identifying the wounds and blocks that prevent you from living your abundant life. Then, in a safe way, using art, we take the steps toward healing as we nurture hope along the way.

These sessions are for individuals, couples, and families. They can focus on personal, relationship, family, and career goals. It's your transformation, you get to decide where to focus, Jen provides the tools and encouragement you need to get there.

  • Unleash your sense of play & reduce stress.

  • Explore new perspectives and gain new insights.

  • Discover a safe place to express burdens, wounds, hopes, fears, and dreams...those things hard speak aloud.

  • Identify strengths and develop action steps towards solutions.

  • Nurture yourself as you transform.


Tap into the Transformational Power of Art Today.

There are so many ways to begin, and continue, the healing journey. Everyone goes at their own pace and we all need encouragement along the way.

That's why I'll always be finding things to share and developing new resources for you. Things that you can read and watch on your own time, at your own pace, apply with those you love, and share with friends.

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Jen is a great listener and helps me think about things in a positive way or differently. I leave our sessions feeling refreshed and empowered.


Jennifer is a great counselor. She is very responsive. She has suggestions for every issue I bring to her.


Ms. Alward is an amazing counselor! She cares for every concern & problem I have and helps me find ways to go through things with a better attitude!


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