Want to learn how your creativity can help you see yourself and God more clearly?

Hope and Healing at Home

Sometimes parenting is a rocky road...even a desperate lonely battle at time. This book has so much hope to offer you.

Using full-color images, encouragement, Art Therapy exercises, Biblical and Psychological insights Jen will walk you through a path that leads to transformation. Towards hope and healing in your home!

  • Turn family interactions into fun, engaging, cherished moments.

  • Understand and be understood by your kids.

  • Engage in conversations that promote changes in behavior and motivation.

  • Teach your children how to manage their emotions in healthy ways.

  • Connect better and engage in regular self-care.

Finding Hope

It  is not easy to experience the many painful emotions that loss brings up in our hearts, minds or bodies. Nor is it comfortable to witness others going through the intense process of grief.

This book provides over 40 creative ideas, based in Art Therapy, and inspired by Biblical truths to help you process this pain of loss and find hope.

  • Identify emotions.

  • Cope with pain.

  • Adjust to your new reality.

  • Discover peace for today.

  • Find hope for tomorrow.

The Adventures of Lily and Izzy Bee:

The Imagination Journey.

Losing loved ones is difficult on children and adults. Let this fully illustrated children's book help you and your children reimagine your grief journey together.

Kristina wrote this book to help her daughter "LiLy" grieve the loss of her beloved baby sister "Izzy Bee."

The "Imagination Journey" is the first in a series focused on assisting both parents and children discover hope after loss.

  • Use your imagination to keep your loved one close.

  • Recognize that pain and sorrow can mix with hope and joy.

  • Embrace an eternal perspective that transforms your current circumstances.

  • Develop the "Fruit of the Spirit" to help you rise above.

A Refocused Advent

Advent is a time of waiting, of preparation for what's coming. This 25 day devotional engages your creative side to help you focus on the real meaning of the Christmas season.

Ponder stories afresh & apply their lessons to your life. Create unique ornaments, or journal pages, to help you remember what God reveals to you as you refocus your frazzled heart and prepare it to receive peace, hope, love, and joy.

A Refocused Advent

Devotional Workbook

As you prepare for this journey, please buy this beautifully bound and printed in color workbook to help keep your thoughts, prayers and ideas organized in one place.
This is also available to download for free in PDF fillable format for people taking the free course.

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Jen is a great listener and helps me think about things in a positive way or differently. I leave our sessions feeling refreshed and empowered.


Jennifer is a great counselor. She is very responsive. She has suggestions for every issue I bring to her.


Ms. Alward is an amazing counselor! She cares for every concern & problem I have and helps me find ways to go through things with a better attitude!


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