Presents a FREE workshop to Healers, Ministry Leaders & Volunteers!

Harness the Healing Power of Art


  • Are you inundated with the need at your door?

  • Is your ministry or volunteer situation being overrun with refugees?

  • Are you facing shortages of staff, space, energy, and even language barriers?

  • Are you burning out yet needing to keep helping?

  • Do you wish there was something more you could offer, something that could bridge the gaps... something that didn't take so much energy away from you?

There is a Different Way!

There is a Different Way!

There is a way to bring transformation and relief in surprisingly simple and fun ways.

  • Imagine having tools in your toolbox that will help others contain and process trauma, find hope for the journey ahead, and even cross language barriers.

  • Imagine knowing how to create a space for this kind of healing to occur in whatever chaotic or fluctuating situation you find yourself in that day.

  • Imagine being able to help yourself as you help others.

These things are possible when you learn how to harness the healing power of art. You can do this with simple supplies and minimal training time. You can do this where you are, with what you have!

Tell Me More:

This free workshop consists of three, 30 minute live sessions with teaching, discussion, demonstration, responses to questions and informative emails.

  • Introduction:
  • Learn the difference between art class and art as therapy.
  • Learn how to create a portable healing art studio.
  • Receive a link to a pre-curated list of supplies.

  • Experience:
  • Create along with Jen, and ask questions, as she demonstrates and walks you step by step through a simple art activity.
  • Learn about other art activities you could adapt to enhance the work you're already doing with people.
  • Have an opportunity to submit your art for processing with Jen at the next session.

  • Find the “Aha”:
  • Discover ways to process and discuss art to facilitate insight and healing.
  • Obtain a list of questions to prompt discussion and journaling that deepens the healing process & nutures hope.
  • Learn about other opportunities to gain more tools to help you harness the healing power of art and share it with others.

About Your Guide

Jen Alward

Licensed and Board Certified Art Therapist

Licensed Professional Counselor


For nearly 20 years I have been helping people experience the healing power of art!

  • In schools, homes, assisted living facilities, in the clinic, and on the mission field.

  • With anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse, stress, divorce, crisis, grief, anger, forgiveness, self harm, communication, emotional regulation, martial and family stress, among other things.

  • Across ages groups and skill levels, and through language barriers, including sight and hearing deficits.

I'm really looking forward to this workshop. Of giving these transformative tools to amazing people like you. People out in the field living face to face with the urgent needs. I want to empower you to harness the healing power of art without delay.

Being able to connect with people from around the world all at the same time will almost be like taking several mission trips at once without the expenses and time that traveling to each destination requires. While I'll miss the richness of the traveling experience, I'll be able to talk directly to you. To hear your most pressing needs and hand you the useful bits of knowledge that will be most beneficial to you right now!

If you want more support, encouragement, and ideas for harnessing the healing power of art I offer private consultations, individual art therapy, and even have two books available for sale. Let's chat and get you everything you need to thrive as you bring hope and healing to others.

Claire Patty

Missionary in the Czech Republic

The invasion of Ukraine changed our world as our teammates fled their homes and then went to work providing humanitarian aid to other refugees.

There has been so much heartbreak.

I serve our missionary kids, but do not have specific training in trauma care. I was in desperate need of some resources to offer these precious kids, and other Ukrainian refugees, who were coming through our hubs.

I reached out to other experts and did research online. I spent time with the kids, playing processing games and creating an environment where they could feel safe and heard, but my resources were scattered and disjointed.

I was so grateful for Jen’s specific, practical advice and resources for walking with kids in the midst of crisis and trauma.

Jen packed a lot of amazing resources and wisdom into a short amount of time on Zoom. She gave me lots of activities I could do with them, and helped me understand the meaning and impact of those kinds of activities. She was succinct and specific, and also kind and generous.

Jen helped me feel more empowered and equipped for serving kids through art.

It was a gift to me when I, myself, was under a lot of stress. Thank you Jen.

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