Finding Hope

It is not easy to experience the many painful emotions that loss brings up in our hearts, minds or bodies. Nor is it comfortable to witness others going through the intense process of grief. We need tools to help us face these dark and troubling emotions, to help us walk through the journey of despair to find hope…and to remind us that we do not walk alone. In Finding Hope: How to Cope with Loss using Art Therapy, Jen Alward provides tools to help process this pain and find hope. These tools are based in Art Therapy and give several (over forty) creative ideas to help people of all ages and skill levels identify emotions, cope with pain, adjust to their new reality, and discover peace today and hope for tomorrow. This book was inspired by, and written for the Rauch's 2019 Virtual Grief Symposium with 25 speakers and a commitment to supporting people at all stages of grief, reminding us all that: we are not alone and that there is hope to be found.

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What others say?

This book is very well written and

an easy guide for anyone struggling with grief, no matter what stage they are currently experiencing.

I found myself mesmerized in the various art techniques that Jen uses on a daily basis with her patients.

Each mindful art activity helped me gain a new perspective

on helping some of my patients move through the emotions of grief when they are “stuck.” This book will definitely be on my shelf as a resource and a guide to understanding and processing grief.

Heidi Pritzl


Jennifer's Alward's depth of understanding and clinical knowledge as a qualified psychologist (with over 15 years experience) and as an art therapist sets this book apart. She combines the two to enable the subconscious to speak to the conscious and bring healing. The range of exercises that she has designed to do this is

comprehensive and thorough but within the reach of everyone.

I highly recommend this book as a resource to use during the healing process. You may be amazed at the results!

Grace Bailey

Artist & Author

Painting with God

Grief can be a difficult subject to talk about or express.

This book offers many ways to start the process of opening up &

working through all the emotions that accompany Grief.

I love "Telling Your Story" and "A Time For Every Season." I will be using the exercises in your book with a friend facing her impending death and the intense 59 days of inpatient treatment she is about to embark upon. I'm excited for it to come out in printed form-- I NEED this book in my hands!

Lynn Bonack

Artist & Spiritual Mentor